In Michigan a group of kayakers narrowly escaped the collapse of the rock during a boat trip

Kayakers during a tour of the national coast Piccard rocks in Northern Michigan barely escaped death when a large piece of rock fell right in front of them on the Upper lake.

Cliffs near ground zero have a height of about 200 feet, according to sue Rice, representative Piccard rocks. Van Ouellet-Ballas of «Northern water», one of the guides on the kayak, said that on Monday before another group of collapsed rocks to a smaller size. But the next group faced a larger collapse.

Ballas said that the kayakers «thought that they floated at a safe distance», but the rock fell only 50 feet further.

Photographers John Smithers and Craig Blacklock that were on the boat at the time of the collapse, managed to videotape the incident.

Rice said that the Park doesn’t necessarily have a recommendation on how far the kayakers or boaters may be away from the rocks, but if these kayakers were 100 feet closer, the result could be «catastrophic».

Due to the fact that the rocks Picard rocks made of Sandstone, they are easily destroyed and can be torn off by wind or rain. But large avalanches do not occur frequently.

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This collapse seems not to have damaged the nearby Hiking trail, but Rice said the Park service still analyzes and moves the trails if they are too close to eroded places.