The artist painted a portrait of trump and called it «a Masterpiece.» Social networks immediately responded with a meme

American artist Jon McNaughton wrote a new portrait of Donald trump, which depicted President as a painter, painting his own picture. Canvas McNaughton called a»Masterpiece».

My new painting — «The Masterpiece»
How will history remember this presidency?
I believe it will be considered a «Masterpiece.»
More info at:

— Jon McNaughton (@McNaughtonArt) August 20, 2019

Note, this is not the first portrait of the trump of an artist from Utah. Previously, he portrayed the President hugging an American flag, and put trump on the canvas instead of George Washington in the famous story of crossing the Delaware river.

«Masterpiece» McNaughton depicts trump in place of the artist, and the President lifts a red curtain on your own picture.

But the mysterious message of the new work (it’s unclear what drew trump) — led to the emergence of dozens of memes, making fun of the portrait of McNaughton.

For example, one user tweeted photoshopped so that the red velvet fabric in the picture reveals unpublished tax return trump.

— S W A L L O W🍸 (@ryanswallow) August 20, 2019

Another user made the picture, «wrote trump», a Nazi swastika.

The man urinated in cups, coffee filters, in the sink for the staff at Starbucks and userpolicy of Pennsylvania asking for help to apprehend the person who peed in a Starbucks in the Target store in Manheim Township (PA), before to disappear from a scene. The incident occurred on Saturday at 9:45 PM. …August 21, 2019, 06:35

Fixed it.

— Rysa Walker (@RysaWalker) August 20, 2019

Another suggested that the fabric hides a strange portrait, which police found in the house of the late billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who allegedly committed suicide in prison. Recall, in the mansion of Epstein found a portrait of former President bill Clinton in a blue dress and red shoes on Monica Lewinsky.

— Unaccountable BureauCat (@UnAcctBureaucat) August 20, 2019

John McNaughton presented his own interpretation of the picture in YouTube videos.

«What’s in store for the future? — asks McNaughton, speaking as Democrats, Republicans and the media worked to undermine the credibility of trump. — The picture is not finished yet. I believe that the greatest achievements of the trump is not yet revealed. How will history remember the presidency of Donald trump? I guess this would be considered his masterpiece.»