Asylum seekers in America can be denied the right to work

The administration trump proposed a new policy that will be deprived of permission to work for asylum-seekers crossing the border without permission, and also those who have been convicted of a felony or strongly «pulled» with the submission of documents.

The proposal comes from the acting Director of USCIS Ken Cucinelli, which is a tougher immigration policy. It was he who suggested rules allowing the government to deny residency to those who can qualify for benefits such as food stamps.

Under the proposed rules, a job will be eligible only those who have applied for asylum at the port of entry that meets the criteria of application. It will be another step in the administration trump to reduce the number of asylum seekers crossing the southern border.

Asylum seekers in America can be denied the right to

The proposal has already provoked a wave of criticism from legislators. For example, it condemned Doug Rand, a former employee of the immigration service under the Obama administration. Rand said, «Let’s not forget: people seeking asylum are legal migrants.»