A sensation on the network of steel video of the kitten who loves to swim in the ocean with his «dad»

The owner of the kitten shared the adorable shot of your pet running after him into the water and swim side by side, and users of social networks are thrilled with this cute couple.

Mike usher from the island of St. John (U.S. virgin Islands) – the owner of a kitten named Gracie. He said that he recently learned about the ability of Gracie to swim with him in the ocean.

Mike says: «She always wanted to be there, wherever I was, whatever I did.» The young man found little Gracie when she was only 5 weeks. She was hiding in a tiny hole in the wall in town. It was quite obvious that Gracie was empty because Mike took the baby itself. «I needed a companion,» explained Mike in the video. «She lost her mother, lost her family. This almost meant to be that we found each other.»

This kitten RUNS into the ocean to swim with her dad 😻 pic.twitter.com/dz3Nqumn73

— The Dodo (@dodo) September 16, 2019

He adds that he leads a pretty active lifestyle, and he was ashamed to leave Gracie in the house all day. So kitty is adapted to be beside him in the fresh air. She even swims with Mike when he gets in.

Mike carefully monitors in order to remove all residual water from the ocean with wool kitten after they go on land. «When I take it with me, I always keep ready a towel,» explains Mike. «She runs straight to the towel. I also have clean water in the bottle, which basks in the sun and I bathe later, Gracie».

In addition to swimming, Gracie enjoys what climbs in the trees on the island and is worn on the beach. «Whenever I have free time, I take it with me to the beach. She runs around me on the beach. She gets smarter and smarter,» says Mike.

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He admits he has become a real «cat daddy» and even created an account in Instagram, so that everyone could follow the adventures of Gracie.

Many members were really in awe of Mike and his relationship with the kitten. In particular, they praise him for how he cares for the kitten, when they swim together. «I’m so glad he wipes her after the ocean,» wrote one commenter. «Lick the salt, when it starts to clean his fur, will be harmful for her. Great dad!!»

Another wrote: «Felt his kindness and devotion. They’re adorable together!»

«I gave up when he said, «Go to daddy…» — confessed to another girl.

In addition, users of social networks called Mike a «real man» for not afraid to show affection to the kitten.

«It’s so charming and cute,» wrote Twitter user, adding: «What a cute little kitten. So glad the kindness of this man for taking this baby and gave her new life…awesome!»