The bride, who always dreamed about a fairytale wedding, dropped 40 kg to replay the celebration

She lost about 40 pounds and wanted to walk down the aisle in a dream dress, so it was the turn for wedding No. 2.

After the incredible weight loss one bride decided to play their wedding once again to wear the perfect dress that she always dreamed of. A couple of years ago Sheri Judd weighed 113 pounds. Her path to weight reduction began when her boyfriend proposed to her during a romantic trip on a gondola.

Cherie was ready for a wonderful wedding in Hawaii. But after a time she began to have health problems when she suffered a heart attack. So she decided to have a small ceremony.

After that, Sheri, who works as a waitress in Las Vegas, I realized that priority should be her health and weight loss. She admitted that a heart attack really scared her, particularly because she lost her father due to heart disease.

She held a so-called tubular gastroplasty (this operation is irreversible and can help a person to lose up to 60% or more of excess weight; it also reduces the body’s ability to produce the hunger hormone ghrelin) that helped her to reduce 36 pounds, but after weight loss remained about 4 pounds of skin hanging from her belly. She told Inside Edition: «to Have at least 4 pounds of excess skin really hard.»

Cheri turned to plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Zarrabi. The doctor removed more than 46 cm of excess skin. He also created her a new belly button. Now, 2.5 months after the surgery, she says: «I feel like a different person».

She adds: «I feel 40 pounds lighter, and it is. I feel that my fairy tale will come true.»

When Sheri finally became healthier and got the body you’ve always dreamed about she and her husband rich went to Hawaii to renew their wedding vows and have a fabulous wedding that they always wanted.