Couples who agree to spend 30 hours together in a closed coffin, will pay $600

How deep is your love? Six feet, maybe?

This year at Fright Fest Six Flags parks challenge couples over the age of 18, inviting me to participate in a claustrophobic test and spend 30 long hours together in a coffin the size of 65 to 72 inches.

Those who succeed will be awarded a $600, a pair of gold «penetrations» into the parks in 2020 and the prize package for Fright Fest.

The challenge will begin at 16.00 on Friday, September 27, and will end the next day at 22.00.

The coffins, fortunately, will not be buried, but couples will have to lie in them for 30 hours with the lid closed.

Love selected to participate in the competition, you are allowed to bring one friend for support, but they will have to leave the organizers of smartphones, smart watches, gaming devices and other gadgets. Smoking is also not allowed.

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ALL Dwellers are still in their coffins with an hour and thirty minutes left. Who are you rooting for?

Geplaatst door Six Flags St. Louis op Zondag 14 oktober 2018

According to the official rules, during the tests shall be made a meal, to check the heart – then the coffin will open. Participants will be allowed to sit down, but not out of wooden boxes. Regarding the toilet, there will be allowed to go in every three hours, but time will be limited to 6 minutes.

Any pair that leaves the coffin during these breaks will be disqualified.

The first 30-hour Challenge Coffin Six Flags in St. Louis (Missouri) last year won all of the participants, but it was hard. It was cold and they had to literally run to the toilet to return to the six-minute period.

In General, if you are brave and strong (and not superstitious), hurry: registration for the challenge ends today, 20 September at 23:59 ET.