For the birdie! DVR shot the stunned face of a failed thief, did not expect trick (video)

The that this suspect did not expect.

The woman who purchased this DVR lives in Beaverton, Oregon. She doesn’t want to be filmed camera journalists, because the suspect is still at large, but said that on Friday morning, a neighbor saw her car door wide open. Apparently, the night she was trying to get unknown.

Car DVR photographed affected the expression of the future of the thief when he was caught by surprise flash. The eyes and mouth of the unknown suspect were wide open from shock when he took a picture of the video recorder which reacts to movement. This incident occurred in Beaverton, Oregon last week. Frustrated criminal was caught on camera when snuck in a Mini, but was so terrified that he was caught on camera that quickly retreated, never taking.

The camera flash was activated 10 seconds after the man climbed into the car, which gave him time to sit down and accidentally look directly into the DVR. The owner of the car who asked not to give her name, said she was pleased that I purchased this device.

Later she told KOIN: «Nothing is lost, but it is clear that someone has been in my car. I am very pleased that bought this camera. It’s worth the money.» She added that I watched the video, I realized «I Have a photo of the guy who broke into my car.»

The comical video has already appeared on the Internet. It amused many users of social networks, and even the intended victim of a failed criminal was able to see the funny side. She explains: «I continued to view the video again and again because it was so funny. I’m glad it received the attention that got.»

Police are still searching for the suspect, and now they have a great picture that will help grab it.