Puppy locked in a cage in the vet office for the night. By morning, he managed to smash the whole office (video)

The dog that was left overnight in the office of a veterinarian, was able to escape from his cage. The dog went into a rage and everywhere scattered boxes and paper. Chaos was discovered only the next morning when I came in the employee clinic. A small dog had been sitting on the top shelf and looked completely innocent.

Sick the dog was able to escape the cage when it was left in the office of a veterinarian. When the puppy mess discovered in the morning, staff was a lot of work for cleaning.

How the puppy got out of its cage, not reported. It is known, however, that he began to run around the room, jumping on different subjects. When the morning came, which came first the clinic staff immediately knew something was wrong as soon as crossed the threshold. It looks like if the office was ransacked. Paper, boxes and other things lay scattered on the floor. The cage door was wide open, and when the clinic staff reviewed the video cameras, then established who was the «intruder». The very culprit sat on the top shelf of the Cabinet, innocent looking people.

«Was she hurt, was scared, but very sweet. She was able to go down and sit with one of our employees,» he wrote in the caption to the video on YouTube by a veterinarian. «She’s happy and healthy. Her situation helped us to ensure that this will never happen again to the rest of our patients were safe. Unique patient. So happy that I could help her feel better and trust us. The cage was locked, but she was smarter cells and, obviously, all of our employees.»

Online users to enjoy videos shared by the vet. Many of them were quick to comment on video, showing his sense of humor.

«Do nothing,» wrote one commenter.

«What do you mean, what I’m doing? I’m trying to protect myself from the clutches of the monster who caused this mess…,» wrote someone in a funny attempt to explain the dog’s behavior.