The boy, fed up with the snow amused the social network (video)

A new video that became popular on the Internet, just shows how we all belong to the snow shovel. This boy was on the street, clearing the driveway to the house in Colorado springs, but then «forget it!» thought he probably upset threw the shovel into the snow and he fell over in exhaustion, giving up.

If you can’t achieve success right from the start… give up half way. A little boy from Colorado springs, Colorado, USA looks like he’s not in the spirit of motivational slogans, when he was given the task of clearing the driveway of his family from a thick layer of snow. He spent at least a few minutes, furiously cleaning a concrete driveway from the snow near the house. But then the kid who was shot one of the security cameras installed at his house, soon tired of unpleasant, albeit necessary, training. He throws the shovel in the snow traditional for the youth gesture.

A child spinning in place, angrily looking at the shovel and the snow that he had yet to remove. He rolls his eyes, showing a distinct reluctance to do one more shot of the snow shovel. Since no one sees (except cameras) and to whom it is to be manufactured, he grabs the shovel and continues.

Then it seems his bad mood gives him a new boost of energy, and he begins again furiously to clean the track from snow. Unfortunately the recharge didn’t last long, and the boy again throws the shovel into the snow, a few moments later and throws himself onto the pile of snow.

Funny video shared by his mother Rachel, Michelle, and, considering that winter has just begun, probably, a shovel will be violently thrown in the snow many, many times.

Thank you Rachel, Michelle, for sharing this video and allowed us all to laugh heartily.