The future bride shared her idea of a cheap, but beautiful wedding makeup that became viral

It turns out, you don’t need to spend a million dollars to look like a million.

One bride recently attracted the attention of the frequenters of Reddit, when practiced applying wedding make-up, shocking many that to create the effect of a natural glam glow she used cheap funds from the pharmacy.

«I’m practicing applying your makeup for the wedding scheduled for April. My goal is to be like herself and to look pretty natural,» he wrote on Saturday on Reddit the girl with the nickname That_Cat_Girl. Photos «before and after» of the bride that shows her face without makeup and are a welcome sight at a wedding went viral. Her post was liked by more than 33 thousand people and about 1000 commented.

I’m practicing doing my own makeup for my wedding in April. My goal is to still look like myself and keep it pretty natural. No makeup Left, right bridal look. CCW! from MakeupAddiction

The girl told that he used the Elf primer, mineral powder Physicians Formula, Revlon blush and lipstick and mascara from CoverGirl along with other inexpensive items for eyes and eyebrows.

Commentators mostly praised the makeover «outside of time» girls, and agreed that classic look for sure «will stand the test of time.»

More critical-minded people have offered advice to the girl in front of her special day. «My only suggestion is that in advance to have a little photo shoot with the same lighting, which will host the wedding. Photos on mobile looks very different than professional,» said one commentator.

«I love that you use cosmetics from the pharmacy. You look amazing!! I also did the makeup for the wedding,» wrote another woman. «I recommend a little practice and pass with makeup all day to see how much it will hold. Before my wedding I went to work much stronger makeup than usual.»

In addition, some users were in awe of how beautiful the natural person of the author of the post. «Very beautiful in both pictures. I wanted to hate you, but I can’t! I love natural makeup for wedding, I think you did the right thing,» he admired one girl.

«How can you look absolutely flawless without makeup and almost the same with him?! Teach me your tricks, pretty one!» — exclaimed someone else.