What does it mean to Meghan Markle? In the English language a new verb

Neologisms appear almost every day, but it’s really rare when the verb is formed from the name of a celebrity. So what does it mean to Meghan Markle?

This term was invented by the Twitter user Ryan Carter: «Meghan Markle, verb, past tense: Meghan Markled, to Meghan Markle — it is sufficient to appreciate yourself and your mental health to get up and leave the room/situation/environment in which your authentic self is not welcome or desirable.»

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— Ryan Carter (@_RyanJesse) January 10, 2020

The Guardian has published a useful guide on how to use the new verb in various scenarios.

What does it mean to Meghan Markle? In the English language a new verbMegan Markle. Source: wikimedia

For example, Meghan Markled is used in a relationship where your significant other respects you and you want to get away from it.

«I fully Meghan Markled my ex last night and never answered his messages,» — says the publication.

Actually, this is not the first time the name of the Duchess Sussexthe used as a verb. According to Urban Dictionary, to Meghan Markle also means ignoring friends when someone becomes famous.

Examples include:

«Don’t be Meghan Markle when will your movie!»

«It was Megan Markle towards their friends as soon as I become famous.»

«She omegamania their sisters from the Bronx».