Doberman grabbed a live snake and threw it in the sky, when frightened, the owner refused to go any further (video)

The Doberman was hoping to play with a ball, but instead found other entertainment – and a video of him went viral.

The dog was shot on video when he launched into the sky live snake, perhaps believing that it’s just a stick.

The dog and her owner were out walking in the fresh air. The clip begins with the fact that the Doberman seems ready to turn and run with the ball, with which he and his master went for a walk. The owner of the dog noticed that the path was blocked by a living reptile, and he begins to talk to the dog, explaining that he can’t move on. He then screams in fright when the Doberman quickly jumps to the snake, grabs her and flings as fast as possible from the owner.

The video went viral because of how it behaved dog. The dog, who first ran for his toy, I made a sharp turn, sniffed at the reptile for a moment before someone was able to guess what will happen next, the snake has been found in the air.

The video was placed on the platform TikTok, and then appeared on Twitter, where it was viewed more than half a million times.

The caption to the video reads: «do Not be afraid – the snake the dog is here», and users began to share their own comments under the video. «I can’t watch the video in which the bird throws the baby bird out of the nest, but I can’t stop looking at that dog!» — he wrote one.

Never fear — snake Dog is here…
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— Tomthunkit™ (@TomthunkitsMind) January 28, 2020

Another added: «There are so many reasons to like this video: how a man talks to a dog like this man, he is frightened, because the dog got too close to the reptiles, and it is obvious what happens then!» «Poor dog. Didn’t realize how slippery his new chew toy and I had lost her forever,» wrote social media users.

Another commenter wrote: «In fact, we should applaud the courage… the snake, which never moved, did not flinch, did not hit. Salute you, the poor snake.»