Octopus was the first escape room for squid in minutes

Octopus – the most amazing in the world escape artist. This is another myth? Or fact? Many of us have heard stories about that octopus escapes fishing boat through tiny hole. This reputation mollusks as masters of escape based on reality or fiction?

This needs to be checked.

It was necessary to develop an experiment and just to verify, what skills a smart octopus will show to escape from the confined space. Thus was created the world’s first escape room for the octopus. The more that these quests are very fun! If they stimulate thinking and entertain us, not whether they are equally useful for the octopus?

Of course, the main thing was to ensure that the experiment is 100% safe for the octopus. Moreover, he will not allow him to stay in the escape room more than a few minutes at a time, to avoid the possibility that shellfish will experience stress.

For the experiment was chosen to Rudy because of his playful nature and medium size. It’s big enough to be unworldly, and small enough that it had plenty of space to maneuver in a small room.

Rudy just liked the new Playground. He was delighted and could not wait for the next test. It was a feeling that he wants to show how smart and resourceful.

So, in the video from Octolab TV shows that escape room is divided into 4 challenges, each higher level of complexity.

The first level was simple. It was called the Secret door. Rudy had to find hidden behind the colourful plants door.

Then there was a little more complicated. Challenge the Tunnel meant that Rudy needs to find a way out of a narrow tube and squeeze it to escape.

The third level was already difficult. It was called the Bridge. To exit, Rudy could only bridge, so he had to climb on it and cross.

Really difficult was the last homework. It was called the sync Button. The job was really difficult. In escape-room has been installed a red button. Rudy had to press the button that opened the door only for 15 seconds. As soon as the button is pressed, there is a green light that signaled that the door is open. So Rudy had to deal with the sudden change of lighting conditions, but also to understand that the door opens when the button is pressed.

Needless to say that Rudy was the best escape artist, wildlife, coped with all tasks perfectly.