The video captures the moment a lightning strike in a passenger plane

Shocking moment a passenger plane was struck by lightningwas recorded by a surveillance camera of a resident of Birmingham (UK).

The plane took off from Birmingham airport to Dublin around 21:30 on Sunday 9 February.

On video it is visible as the plane flies over the residential area, when the screen suddenly illuminated by a bright flash of light in the plane struck by lightning, but fortunately, he continues.

The plane landed safely at Dublin airport at about 22.40.

The video was filmed on the door camera at home 31-year-old Daniel Pereira.

«My girlfriend Roxanne were watching TV when I saw a huge flash of light and heard a sound which caused our dogs to jump. Roxanne said it couldn’t be a simple zip, so we checked the surveillance cameras to understand what happened — said Daniel. We could not believe their eyes. We often see planes flying over our house, but this was the first time».

According to neighbors the couple, they heard a frightening sound, and I thought, that somewhere near the roof came down.

Representative Aer Lingus confirmed that flight EI 277 was struck by lightning.

«The plane was not damaged and flew on to Dublin, where he landed safely,» said the airline.

The representative of Birmingham airport said that planes are designed to withstand lightning strikes, it happens often.

Kiara stormthat raged in Europe at the weekend caused delays and cancellations of numerous flights, including in the UK, the Netherlands and Germany.