The guy asked the Internet to judge his dispute with the girl who refused to try them cooked a romantic dinner with a man, her mushrooms

The man who could not see the problem in your romantically, received a harsh lesson when he turned to strangers on the Internet for help.

It all started when the man decided to prepare a romantic dinner for his girlfriend to celebrate their anniversary. Wanting to surprise her «something special», he found the recipe for the chicken, which seemed to be «absolutely magical».

The only problem was that the dish was mushrooms. The young man said that his girlfriend is not picky, but the only thing she really doesn’t like is mushrooms. She pulls them out of pizzas and pies, and if eating a dish with mushrooms in the restaurant, also choose their food.

Not wanting to deviate from the recipe, it still decided to include into the dish of mushrooms, as they had to pass through a blender and the resulting pieces would be tiny, so the girl, according to men who could eat the dish without noticing it mushrooms.

When evening came on the anniversary, the couple sat at «a table covered with cooked my dinner», and she asked what it was and whether the dish is the mushrooms, because she sees the little pieces.

AITA for making my gf a delicious romantic dinner? from AmItheAsshole

The man told her to «trust him» and to believe that the taste is awesome and she won’t even notice the mushrooms in the sauce.

«She even refused to try it!» he wrote on Reddit. «I did so much hard work and mushrooms I can’t even see the pieces are tiny. She got upset and said that she didn’t like, and stood up from the table. When I followed her, she yelled at me, saying that I didn’t care for her opinion even on our anniversary. Of course, I agreed, because I wanted to spend time with her and dinner because of our anniversary. I wanted it to be special, and she’s not even tried what I made. Now she’s not answering my messages. Am I wrong, that he had prepared a special dinner for my anniversary that my girlfriend refused to take an open mind and give him a chance?»

He probably regretted that I wrote this post, as the verdict of users of the website was quick and unequivocal.

Commentators wrote: «Your smugness is almost as bad as mushrooms. Prepared food, knowing that she she didn’t like, and she didn’t like it?»

«You have something, knowing that she doesn’t like it. It’s not a romantic gesture, though you pretend it is. This is your attempt to force someone to do something he does not want».

«If you knew that she hates mushrooms, why include them in the dish as a romantic gesture? It smacks of selfishness. I don’t blame her».

Seeing that post went just as bad as the dinner he had prepared, the author of the post attributed: «okay, Okay, I’m wrong. I tried to behave nicely, but Oh well».