Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger lives in a Paradise with a donkey, a pony and a dog during quarantine

Hollywood actor and former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger conducts the quarantine in the company of his favorite animals — osliki Lulu, a pony of Whiskey and dogs cherry.

They were always there for him, but judging by the photos in Instagram, now in isolation, these three are closer than ever.

Now, in the midst of a global pandemic, Schwarzenegger uses his furry friends to to spread information.

For example, under one of the videos with Lulu, the actor wrote that trying to teach a mule. social distancing.

«Wash your hands. I was trying to teach a lesson on hand washing for cherry, but I think you guys pay more attention to this. Be careful. Wash your hands. Listen to scientists and experts. Together we can slow it down and protect each other», he wrote under a video with his dog.

His posts are regular posts with the animals during the quarantine, lifted the spirits of many fans, who, being in isolation, now eagerly waiting for the updates.

In this photo, where he plays chess with Lulu, he wrote: «Here’s your daily update Lulu — she’s not the best chess partner, but she’s working on it. If you’ve been putting something like the study of chess with the family, use the time you usually spend outside the home.»