Ryanair will cut 3,000 jobs because of the crises associated with coronavirus

Irish airline Ryanair plans to cut up to 3,000 jobs and perform less than 1% of flights in June. The user also warned that the recovery in passenger demand and prices after the pandemic coronavirus will take at least two years.

Europe’s largest airline by passenger traffic, said on Friday, may 1 that its restructuring programme will begin in July and could lead to the loss of 3,000 pilots and flight attendants.

The company believes that the recovery in demand and pricing will take at least 2 years. According to Ryanair, in the best case this will happen in July 2022.

As part of a program of drastic spending cuts, the company said, which could close a number of bases across Europe, until the restoration of air service. According to Ryanair, the salary of the General Director Michael O’leary will be reduced by 50% until March 2021.

O’leary said that the package of measures, which includes unpaid leave for staff is a «minimum to survive over the next 12 months.»

The company, which plans to report a net loss in the amount of 100 million euros in the first quarter and during the summer, said that restructuring and loss of jobs will begin in July.