The officer has reproduced the mating cry of a peacock, alluring escaped from a zoo bird

Snowbank peacock escaped from the zoo the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston.

Zoo Franklin Park Zoo in Boston received back an escaped peacock thanks to the ingenuity of a police officer, according to CNN. As it turned out, the peacock, who started the mating season, decided to look for a couple outside of a menagerie, in which he was accustomed to walk freely. Passersby noticed the bird on the street, reported the police officers that had thought to turn on the phone the mating cry of the peacocks to lure Snowbank.

The officers who patrolled the streets in the Roxbury district early Monday morning, a man came, who said that the zoo was able to escape pet.

They found «very large, somewhat menacing and rather beautiful male peacock» — said later to the police.

The bird’s name is Snowbank and he is one of 4 peacocks that are contained in the zoo.

«Peacocks in the zoo, Franklin Park Zoo can move freely around the Park and although they usually walk through the zoo, now is the mating season and it is possible that he left the zoo in search of love and females,» he told the news publication CNN spokeswoman of the zoo.

One officer was able to find on your phone the mating cry of the peacocks, and thereby lured to a bird in a fenced yard, before officers arrived, animal control Boston Animal Control, which transmitted Snowbank again to the zoo.

«After learning about the adventures of a peacock, our team contacted the Boston police and animal control to return the bird, and we are pleased to announce that he is back in the zoo, and feels great,» said a spokeswoman for the zoo.

«We appreciate all who contributed to his return home and we expect guests who will return to the zoo to see these beautiful birds.»

Snowbank lives in a zoo Franklin Park Zoo in 2013.