Trump believes the liberation of Raqqa by the end of the Islamic state

Trump believes the liberation of Raqqa by the end of the Islamic state

Today, 21 October, President Donald trump called the liberation from the terrorists of the self-proclaimed ISIS capital of Raqqa «critical breakthrough» in the global campaign against insurgents and their ideology.

On Friday, Syrian democratic forces (SDF) has officially announced the release of Raqqa by the Islamic state after four months of assault. They stated that the city will be part of a decentralized Federal Syria.

«Together, our forces have liberated the entire city from the control of ISIS, said trump. after the liberation of the capital of ISIS and the vast majority of the territories around it, the end of the Caliphate is in sight».

The women who helped defeat ISIS in Raqqa @CNN

— Mutlu Civiroglu (@mutludc) October 20, 2017

Trump emphasized that the U.S. campaign against the Islamic state, begun by his predecessor Barack Obama will soon enter into a new phase. This means that the United States will «maintain local security, to ease the violence in Syria and to provide the conditions for lasting peace.» The President assured that the us military will do everything to ensure that terrorists are unable to return and again threaten the security of the whole world.

Press Secretary of the White house , Jennifer Psaki said that the U.S. policy against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad «remains the same». Last month, US Ambassador to the UN , Nikki Haley said that a stable Syria is impossible while he is to hold office.

The fight against the Islamic state occurred in larger, multi-faceted civil war between Assad’s government supported by Iran and Russia, and a coalition of rebel groups that received support from the United States, France, Britain and other countries.

Opening the gates of ‘Point 11’, Islamic State’s stadium-turned-prison: @Reuters follows the liberation of Raqqa.

— Reuters Top News (@Reuters) October 21, 2017