The United States is developing a new medium-range missile, although this violates the Treaty with Russia

The United States is developing a new medium-range missile, although this violates the Treaty with Russia

In the pre-Christmas season, marked by the adoption of a number of fundamental legislative acts, it was easy to overlook some details. Essential details…

According to The Time, a multi-page document that introduces a new defense budget, in addition to the widely discussed increase in spending on military bases, weapons and troops, contains another point. Is the development of a new cruise land-based missiles, in violation of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range enclosed with the Soviet Union over 30 years ago during the «cold war» to arms control.

The United States is developing a new medium-range missile, although this violates the Treaty with Russia

To be more precise, acting and now a Treaty was signed by Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev in 1987. According to the agreement, both parties eliminated the 2600 medium-range missiles the flight from 310 to 3420 miles. The weapon was recognized as dangerous from the point of view of destabilizacia situation in Europe, because the blow could be inflicted on the countries in any time in any place.

A new law on the U.S. defense budget for irony or a deliberate plan called «the law of conservation of the Treaty of elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range from 2017». Item budget on the new project, was not made public for quite understandable reasons, did not attract the attention of the public immediately due to relatively small funding – a total of $ 25 million.

The move is a response to the United States on the deployment of the Russian program to develop its own medium-range missiles, which also contradicts the above Contract. The fact of the development of the Russian rockets «Innovator 9 M 729» US intelligence learned during the administration of President Obama. However, the previous leader of the country tried to solve the problem through negotiations, which eventually came to nothing lead. Donald trump decided to act radically, creating his own rocket.

Explanations about the development of States ‘ own medium-range missiles gave Senior Manager to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction the White house Christopher Ford. He said that a President trump and his advisers believe that the project will be able to show the international community the seriousness of attitude the U.S. and the country’s commitment to controlling the spread of weapons.

In fact, the Pentagon had commenced the development of missiles and obliged by law to provide the first reports about the project, including timelines and cost within the next two weeks, recognizes the creation of a missile breach of the Contract. Thomas Crosson, press Secretary of Pentagon, said: «We are ready to stop such research and development, if Russia will return to verifiable compliance with the Treaty».

At the same time, America’s European allies are very concerned about the situation. Literally 3 days after signing by the President of the defense budget, NATO issued a statement, which says that compliance with the 1987 Treaty is «crucial to Euro-Atlantic security», reducing the risk of conflict and maintain stability in the region.