Trump dismissed the Commission on transparency of the elections

Trump dismissed the Commission on transparency of the elections

Yesterday, 3 January, President Donald trump issued a decree to stop the work of the consultative Commission for fair elections, which he created in may 2017.

As reported by the NY Times, this sudden decision was a result of the fact that the presidential Commission was unable to prove the falsification during the presidential elections in 2016.

Trump dismissed the Commission on transparency of the elections

«Despite substantial evidence of fraud with voters, many States refused to provide the presidential Advisory Commission on transparency of the elections the basic information relating to the investigation,» — said the President.

The Deputy Chairman of the Committee Chris Kobach stressed that the group faced no fewer than eight trials, which significantly hindered the investigation. But he insists that even after the dissolution of the Commission’s work will not end, but rather will be transferred to the Department of homeland security.

«It came down to the fact that the Commission staff spent more time on litigation than on the investigation, said Kobach. – The Department of homeland security will be able to move faster and more effectively than the presidential Advisory Commission».

The Commission tried to gather information about voters, including names, addresses, dates of birth, political affiliation, and last four digits of social security numbers and voting record. But many States ban the spread of even partial social security numbers or other personal information, because they can be used for identity theft.

Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer believes that «the Commission has never had any relation to transparency of the elections. Instead, they suppress the voices, he faced a dangerous and unfounded claims and was ridiculed».