President trump prefers to start the day closer to noon

President trump prefers to start the day closer to noon

Who gets up early, he is not a President trump. In recent time, the guarantor begins his work day later than in the first year of his presidency to begin its duties around 11 am. This writes the resource Axios, referring to the private copy of the work schedule of Mr. trump.

According to officials, such a relaxed mode of operation substantially meets the requirements of trump about the increase in so-called Executive time (Executive Time) which most often refers to watching television and visiting Twitter.

President trump prefers to start the day closer to noon

While in the Axios emphasize that the schedule that could see them, different from the official published version of the President’s work schedule.

The schedule indicated that the President trump the Executive spends time in the oval office every day from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., but actually at this time he is in his residence while watching TV, making phone calls and posting new tweets. The first workshop of the day assigned by 11 am, and this is often the briefing with intelligence officials.

Compared to predecessors, President Trump need more time, that with new forces to start their working day. George W. Bush, for instance, usually arrived in the Oval office by 6:45, and Barack Obama early in the morning, went in for sports and then started around 9-10 am.

Busier than the President?

Officially, the working day of the President ends at 18:00, after which he again sent to his residence. Throughout the day Mr trump usually spends one or two meetings, actively watching the news, talking on the phone and having lunch in the room adjacent to the Oval office.

For example, on Tuesdays, the tramp first meets with his chief of staff, John Kelly at 11 am. Then comes the «Executive time, occupying an hour and then lunch. Guess what the President is waiting for then? Right, 1 hour and 15 minutes of Executive time, and then a 45-minute meeting with the national security Advisor to the McMaster. After a 15 minute break for the Executive time trump spends his last business meeting at 15:45 with head of the presidential staff johnny DeStefano, and then he finishes his working day at 16:15. Other days are not much different from that described, unless the President is on an official trip. In this case, working time lasts longer.

Schedule of trump was not always so. At the beginning of his presidency, trump started early and finished late. However, it was not to their liking similar schedule, so he began to insist on shifting all the scheduled cases at a later time.

Old habits

Aides to the President say that trump always does something, but he lacks the discipline and ability to structure the timethat he is more inclined to improvise. About as relaxed and slowly, he led his company, and we all know that old habits are very difficult to get rid of.

In response Axios press Secretary of the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders wrote that even in the morning, the President is actively working, keeping in touch with staff representatives on Capitol hill, Cabinet members and foreign leaders on the phone.

«The President is one of the most hardworking people I have ever seen. He’s busy for hours on end almost every day of the week throughout the year.»