Putin called Kim Jong UN «educated and Mature» politician

Putin called Kim Jong UN «educated and Mature» politician

Russian President Vladimir Putin said today, on 11 January that North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN won his party from the West and South Korea, creating a strong nuclear program.

According to Reuters, the statement Putin made at a meeting with Russian journalists broadcast on state television.

Putin called Kim Jong UN «educated and Mature» politician

«He decided his strategic task: he has a nuclear warhead, the rocket has a global range that can reach any point of the globe,» said Mr Putin, adding that Kim Jong-UN – «educated and Mature politician,» which is already interested in to smooth out the current tense situation.

According to Putin, only negotiations can be a solution to the confrontation.

Recall from the beginning of 2018, Donald trump and Kim Jong-UN managed to exchange loud words about the nuclear capabilities of their countries. The DPRK leader said that on his Desk is a red button, on what Donald trump tweeted: «me too, but more powerful and works.»

Last Tuesday, North and South Korea held their first talks in several years, after which Pyongyang has stated that it intends to send its athletes to the Olympic games, which will be held in South Korea this year.