The white house plans to continue to build nuclear power

The white house plans to continue to build nuclear power

Considering the future threat from countries such as Russia and the DPRK, the property of trump seeks to develop additional nuclear firepower, which, according to her, will facilitate the containment of threats to European allies in the transatlantic bloc.

The plan has not yet been approved by President Donald trump, is intended to reduce the likelihood of nuclear conflict. Some critics and security experts argue that this will lead to the opposite consequences.

The white house plans to continue to build nuclear power

According to the political course pursued by the United States after the end of the Cold war, the total number of warheads has been reduced by 85 percent. Only during the presidency of George Bush, the number of nuclear missiles reduced in half, to 5 thousand units.

The Obama administration adhered to the concept of modernisation, taking a course to replace its nuclear Arsenal «more modern weapons». Former President Obama also said about the use of nuclear warheads «only in the case of need», considering the potential of such weapons exclusively in the context of deterrence of nuclear conflict.

Currently, the U.S. Arsenal has 4 thousand warheads ready to launch at any moment, which is enough to destroy all of humanity, and therefore the logical conclusion is the lack of the need to increase their number.

The policy of the President of trump about nuclear weapons coincides with Obama’s policy to «use only in extreme cases», however, he has repeatedly expressed sympathy for the availability of such an Arsenal and judging by published online the report, prefers to increase the number of warheads, considering certain aspects of the political course of the former administration as obsolete.

According to the preliminary version of the project «Nuclear Posture Review» (NPR) in 2018, obtained by HuffPost, the Department of defense under President trump chose the route, which is really different from the rate of his predecessors: the number of nuclear warheads should be increased. While rational reasons for the decision to locate in the report failed.

The draft NPR trump considers nuclear warheads less damage as a «Supplement» that will «strengthen deterrence». The paper also argues that Russia is threatening to use a smaller nuclear bomb, so the United States needs to keep up in order to deter aggression.

«Nuclear posture review is unfinished and will still be considered by the President and defense Minister», — reads the statement of the Pentagon.

Since his election, President Donald trump has repeatedly shown interest in nuclear weapons, complaining that the Arsenal was too small and promised to increase the size and the possibility of nuclear weapons in America.

The final version of the NPR is scheduled to release in February.