One in five Americans wants to repeal the second amendment

Disputes concerning gain control over the proliferation of weapons in the United States recently do not cease. Many Americans believe that the main reason for the frequent mass shootings in the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution. According to the February poll, which has been sponsored by The Economist and YouGov, 21% of the US population considers it necessary to revoke it.

However, opponents of this decision much more — 60%. In this case the Democrats more often support this idea — 39%. Republicans, having an agreement in this question, only 8%.

Unfortunately, there is another side of the coin. In the early 2000s, more than half of respondents (59%) stated that they have no ideawhat is said in the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution. According to the authors of the study, over the years, this percentage could be reduced, as the problem is actively discussed in the media, however, radical changes in the statistics should not be expected.

Another interesting point was the fact that a large portion of the American population does not see problems in the second amendment. 46% of U.S. residents agree with the changes to ensure more stringent regulation of proliferation. Opponents of any modification of this paragraph a little less — 39%.

Political preferences and it played a role. Two quarters of Democrats agreed to the above changes, while among the supporters of the Republican modification of the second amendment was little more than a quarter.

The experts noted that, despite the large number of opponents weapons among Democrats, the representatives of this political force, as a rule, I try to get the issue side. And Barack Obama, and presidential candidate , Hillary Clinton, publicly acknowledged that not going to repeal the second amendment.