A former spy of the GRU helped Trump to begin construction of the Trump Tower Moscow

An unexpected detail was revealed in a story about trying to build a skyscraper Trump Tower in Moscow. Journalists are a popular resource to Buzzfeed claim that at the conclusion of the transaction and seeking financial sources, the company Donald trump helped a former employee of the GRU, Russia.

The former spy, whose name was not called, participated in negotiations with one of the state institutions of the Russian Federation – VTB Bank. His job was to knock out the best terms for the company The Trump Organization, in which part of the expensesrequired for the construction of the Trump Tower Moscow, was covered with the aforementioned Bank.

In addition, ex-GRU officer helped to get the invitation to the St. Petersburg international economic forum 2016 for Michael Cohen and Felix Cetera. The first is the personal lawyer of trump, whose office was searched, the second known American businessman of Russian origin. On the forum they wanted to meet with Vladimir Putin, but the meeting was eventually broken.

Even more surprising factor was that an unidentified whistleblower, the once high position in the Russian intelligence service, is actually a double agent. He repeatedly provided the US intelligence with important information. First contact with him was established in 1997, and some time later, he was recruited by Milton blaine, an American arms dealer. Blaine already has been working for US intelligence.

Thanks to this contact in the hands of U.S. intelligence got information on North Korea’s nuclear program, military technology and even information about the location of the training bases of al-Qaeda. Contact the double agent were all the same Felix, Sater, which operated under the call sign «Quarterback«.

The journalists attributed the recent revitalization team Robert Mueller with the identification of the above facts. It gave impetus to the conduct of searches at the personal lawyer of the President of the United States. The special Prosecutor has studied the relationship of the tramp with Felix Securom, but now he had more questions.