Russian MFA: US and Russia may be left without air service

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia has commented on a delay in the issuance of entry visas to the US.

According to representatives of the Department of information and press of the Russian foreign Ministry, the official waiting period for the visa interview, which in August 2017 was increased by Washington to 85 days, was recently extended to 250 days.

«Visa blockade of Washington is built consciously and deliberately — as an additional lever of pressure. It deliberately played on Russian citizens for an independent policy of Russia on the international arena in droves tearing of the trip as part of the business, cultural, scientific, family and friendship ties. The US authorities seemed to fear that the Russians come will reveal to ordinary Americans eyes to the absurdity of anti-Russian propaganda», — said the Minister.

The Ministry also noted that we cannot exclude that Russia and the United States will be left without air service.

Aeroflot, which only operates regular flights between Russia and the United States may be forced to stop them because the crews are experiencing increasing difficulties in obtaining U.S. visas,» commented the Russian foreign Ministry.

Also, according to representatives of the Ministry, the history of non-issuance of visas of Russian national team on free-style wrestling, which was invited to participate in the world Cup in Iowa city from 5 to 9 April, demonstrated a discriminatory attitude to the Russian athletes.

USA.ONE sent requests to the press service of «Aeroflot» and the U.S. Consulate General in Moscow to comment on the situation. We will monitor its development.