When it was better to live 50 years ago or today?

In the late 60’s-early 70’s life was not like today. Somehow, miraculously, people go without iPhones and laptops, the Soviet Union on the thorny path to communism from behind the iron curtain, watched the sexual revolution of the West, the hippies sang about love at Woodstock and staged protest marches.

PewResearch research team interviewed 43 thousand people in 38 countries to determine when, in their opinion, it was better to live then or now.

Who is happy today?

When it was better to live 50 years ago or today?

The most positive was Vietnam: 88% of respondents believe that life is better. This is not surprising when you consider that 50 years ago the Vietnam war was in full swing.

In most European countries also don’t regret the days past. Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Sweden and Spain more than 50% believe that life was «fun».

Americans opinions were divided almost equally. In the US, only 37% are satisfied with the current world and do not want to return the era of Watergate and the Cold war. 41% of respondents is sure that 50 years ago the grass was greener, and the world is much more positive.

Italy, Greece and Jordan mostly are inclined to think that life got much worse. And Mexico and Venezuela in this just sure.

Young to appreciate the scientific and technological progress

When it was better to live 50 years ago or today?

It is expected that the most optimistic perception of the world today young.

In most countries it is people in the 18-29 age group believe that the world has made progress in 50 years, and live better.

The exception is South Korea, Senegal and Venezuela, where today more happy with those who are over 50.

The majority of people with higher education believe that today live better than 50 years ago.

Residents of over 50 countries, with higher and secondary education, I believe that quality of life is now much higher than before. Reversible datawhen people with low levels of education are more satisfied with the present than the past, showed only the surveys in Turkey and Nigeria.

When it was better to live 50 years ago or today?

When it was better to live 50 years ago or today?

Interesting and revealing statistics among different political groups and parties. Support populist parties in Europe, the majority believe that 50 years ago life was better. Back in the past committed the electorate of the AfD in Germany, UKIP in Britain and national Front in France.