Russia says: Crimea is gone legally, the United States violated the rights of sovereign States and UN members negate the Nuremberg trials

With pretty strong statements at the meeting of the UN Security Council, acting permanent representative of the Russian Federation Dmitry A. Polyanskiy. According to him, the state, including the founders of the United Nations — the U.S., France and Britain — their actions regularly violate international law.

The first thing Mr. Polanski started talking about the military operation of international coalition in Syria. The diplomat says that the presence of these forces is baseless.

«Excuse was pre-choreographed and is a clumsy forgery. Even if theoretically to present that the conditional country broke something, we all know: armed reprisals prohibited by international law», — says Polyansky.

The representative of Embassy of Russia said that the UN founders had committed an act of aggression against a sovereign state, the members of the Security Council «sang and shield» of the United States, France and the UK. According to the diplomat, in the future, the coalition may in the same way to act towards those who now expresses her support.

#Polanski: Three permanent members of the #UNSC, the nuclear powers committed aggression against a sovereign state. I did not understand that if you leave such antics unanswered, powerless tomorrow similar action can be taken against those who are silent.

Russian Mission UN (@RussiaUN) May 17, 2018

Not paid attention to the Polanski and the situation in Ukraine. Russia still does not recognize his involvement in the war in the East of the state and declares that in this conflict are guilty of Western countries.

«The internal crisis in Ukraine — another consequence of gross violation by external actors of international law. This time the principle of non-interference in the internal Affairs of States. It is well known that a confrontation that resulted in the unconstitutional coup in the war of the Kiev regime against its own people, was orchestrated from outside, «said the diplomat of the Russian Federation.

He reproached the Polish diplomats that they do not react to the actions of the Ukrainian authorities, who «glorify those who fought on Hitler’s side». According to Polanski, it demonstrates a tacit acceptance by the members of the UN security Council the most serious crimes. The representative of the Russian Federation argues that this situation means the leveling of the decisions adopted at the Nuremberg trials.

#Polanski: the Crisis in #Ukraine – result of gross violation by external actors of international law. The confrontation, which resulted in the war in #Kiev regime against its own people, orchestrated from outside. The result – chaos, lawlessness, rampant nationalism that threatens even the neighbors of Ukraine

Russian Mission UN (@RussiaUN) May 17, 2018

As for Crimea, Russia’s position remains unchanged. The leadership of this country believes that the Peninsula was annexed legally , and sees no reason to change his mind.

«The lectures about the Crimea, we listen not going. Its entry into Russia is fully consistent with international law and, in particular, the right to self-determination. It is resolved,» said Polyansky.

Towards the end of his speech, the Russian representative touched on the topic of the expulsion of diplomats from the United States, as well as actions by the us authorities in relation to the diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation. Polanski argues that the United States unilaterally began to rewrite the rules «of diplomatic and consular relations».

«This is a serious problem looming over the entire Organization and every member. I want to emphasize that this is not a question of our bilateral relations with the United States, is a violation of international law,» he said.

#Polanski: a Belief in their own impunity was brought to the fact that the authorities of the #USA and its unilateral action was taken even to rewrite the rules of diplomatic and consular relations, to abuse the benefits of finding at the headquarters of the United Nations.

Russian Mission UN (@RussiaUN) May 17, 2018

While Polanski said that Russia is ready to strengthen cooperation with «responsible» countries and wants to promote «a just and equitable order«.