The US authorities admit that 463 illegal immigrants were deported from the country without their children

Ambiguous situation in the family reunification of illegal immigrants. Immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) reported that more than 400 people, separated from their relatives, are now outside the country, while their children remain in specialist centres. Human rights organizations call on the authorities to immediately provide information about how people in another country without their children.

In total representatives of ICE can’t find 463 peoplewhose children need to be reunited with family, according to the order of the Federal court. The Agency said they cannot yet determine the exact reasonsfor which these illegals were outside the United States. At the same time, the authorities do not exclude that the people were deported after they were forcibly separated from their relatives.

Human rights defenders and activists demand that ICE immediately to explain how this could happen. In their view, the Agency had either to deport the entire family out of the country, or to seek other solutions to this problem. However, there is a belief that some illegal immigrants could take this step deliberately, to give children a chance to stay in the US.

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As of Monday, July 23, ICE has been able to combine 879 families of the more than 2.5 million who were under a court order. The Immigration and customs enforcement said that 917 people, whose children had previously taken from them or have the right to reunification, or their cases were pending. Thus, there is a real risk of violation of the termsset forth by the Federal court to complete procedures for the return of children to parents-illegals. According to the order, the family should be United until July 26.