Trump after critics signed a statement about the death of McCain, and the White house has once again lowered the flag

As you know, August 25 from one of the most prominent U.S. politicians of recent decades. Senator John McCain for a long time struggled with cancer of the brain and at the age of 81-years left this world.

World leaders, ordinary politicians and business leaders spoke words of encouragement to the family and McCain in recent times expressed respect for his person. Among them — the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, President of France Emmanuel macron, a businessman Elon Musk and other famous personalities.

However, many American citizens remained dissatisfied with the official response of the presidential administration of the USA. Monday, 27 August, began with the fact that the White house staff returned to the normal position of the national flag, which was lowered in a sign of respect to the deceased Senator. A little later, Donald trump refused to answer media questions about the death of McCain, and the reaction of the administration. Besides, reporters learned that the head of state voted against the publication of official statements concerning this topic. Instead, he expressed condolences to the McCain family through social network Twitter.

This behavior of Donald trump and his team provoked a massive wave of criticism. Journalists, politicians and ordinary people decried the President’s team. Under the pressure of public opinion, the us leader ordered again to lower the flag over the White house. Moreover, it was published an official statement regarding the death of John McCain.

«Despite our differences in politics, I respect the service of Senator John McCain our country and in his honour signed the proclamation to lower the flag of the United States to the day of his burial,» — said in a statement.

Earlier, we wrote about the farewell message of John McCain. He was an example of a real American, who survived the war and for many years faithfully served our country. In this appeal, the politician once again called on citizens to believe in the bright future of the United States.