Melania trump goes to Africa — in the first major trip without the President

Today, October 1, Melania trump go to Africa. This will be her first long trip abroad as first lady without a spouse — Donald trump.

During the 5-day trip, the purpose of which is to improve the well — being of children on the African continent, Melania will visit Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, and Egypt. As reported the press service of the first lady, is part of the program Be the Best that covers a wide range of issues, mainly related to motherhood and childhood.

«[We have] there are many programs that do wonderful things for children. And I believe that many of these programs we can spread abroad. That’s why I’m happy to work in close cooperation with USAID (United States Agency for international development. — during the preparation of his first major… trip to Africa,» said Melania trump during the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly, held last week in new York.

President trump supported the visit of the spouse, stating that they both «love Africa» — the «beautiful in many ways part of the world.»

However, the current compliments of the American leader to Africa are inconsistent with his previous statements. According to multiple sources, at the beginning of the year, during the heated debate on immigration with lawmakers, trump called African countries where the migrants go to the United States, «smelly holes». However, the President denied that he said so.

Although, according to many, after such statements of the President of the United States Melania in Africa will not be welcomed with open arms, an analyst at the Heritage Foundation Joshua Meservy convinced the «positive cooperation».

«I think that relations between the United States and Africa much more than the President’s comments, and there are dozens of years, said Meserve. — Frankly, I suspect that the vast majority of average Africans have not heard about any scandal.»