Everything you need to know about the midterm elections in new York

Midterm elections are almost on the nose: November 6, Americans will cast their vote for one of the candidates. This time will be elected almost all the major state officials — from the Governor to senators.

Why is it important

In fact, the midterm elections will determine who will get the power. After November 6, Donald trump will be either greater or less than: the party that controls Congress, can significantly simplify the life of the President, and Vice versa.

The main issues in the election

Health care, immigration and the economy — that this will be thinking voters casting a vote for a particular candidate.

When the registration

The deadline for registration has passed. But, if you plan to vote in absentia have to send the application by email until 30 October. If the application for absentee ballot serves you personally, you have time until 5 November.

In absentia, by absentee ballot, vote for those who:

  • will not be able to be in town on election day;
  • can’t come to the polling station because of illness;
  • can’t come, because they are the main person caring for a sick or disabled;
  • detained in jail awaiting a court decision or after conviction (not a felony).

Attention! In new York there were cases when voters were not included in the lists on the sites. Therefore, even if you are sure that everything is done correctly, better check again. However, not finding his name in the list, you can still vote by signing a sworn affidavit attesting to your identity.

When to vote

Elections will be held on November 6. The polls open at 6am and shut at 9pm.

Where to vote

Find out where your polling station, you can:

  • using the online search polling site www.vote.nyc.ny.us;
  • calling the switchboard number for voters 1.866.VOTE.NYC;
  • sending a request indicating their full home address on e-mail: [email protected] In the response message will be the address of your polling station. (Please indicate in the subject line the name of the region where you live.)

If there is a snafu, and your name is not on the lists at the polling station, who is assigned to your location, you have the right to vote on affidavit. If you need the assistance of an interpreter or staff for people with disabilities, should contact the election office in your borough.

Attention! Don’t forget to read the sample ballot and instructions for voting are posted at each polling station, before getting in line.

Whom to choose in new York

Governor: Democrats — incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo; Republican Marc Molinaro.

Vice-Governor: incumbent Vice Governor Kathy Hochul is running against Republican Julie Killian.

US senators: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D), its rival Brow Farley (R).

The house of representatives: will be elected by all 27 members from new York state.

The attorney-General: the chair will fight Letitia James (public advocate, Democrat) and Kate Wofford (Republican).

State inspector of state: Thomas Di Napoli entered the race with the Republican candidate Jonathan Triceram.

State Senate: say Senate elections in 2018, promises the exciting race. The Democrats quite successfully conducted primaries. And now the main intrigue — whether beginners Zelnor Miri, Julia Salazar in Brooklyn and Alessandra biaggi of the Bronx to build on their success? The list of candidates in the districts.

Finally, the state Assembly: 150 seats is also in the game.

What else is important to remember

  • To fill in the ballot needs the black/blue color.
  • Selfie in the voting booth is prohibited.
  • Be sure to consider in advance proposals for reform of the elections of local councils and involving the public in budget issues the borough.

How to fill out the ballot

  • Sign up and take a paper ballot and the envelope to the poll workers.
  • The envelope is need to ensure that nobody saw the completed newsletter.
  • Go to the voting booth.
  • Complete the ballot fully shade the oval next to or above the selected candidate.
  • Do not use icons «X» or «V».
  • Not tracing the oval and do not make marks on the ballot out of the loop.
  • If you need to enter the name of the candidate shade the oval and add the desired name.
  • Take your ballot to the scanner for voting.
  • Do not fold your ballot.
  • Insert your marked ballot into the scanner.

If the scanner at your polling station doesn’t work, you will be given paper ballots. Complete and enter a ballot into the hole for the spare ballot scanner.

What happens after the election

Immediately after the election, Congress will begin session of the outgoing (lame duck session). To disassemble will be quite sensitive issues, especially the funding of the wall between the U.S. and Mexico, which may even cause the shutdown. The new composition of Congress will begin work in January.