Midterm elections | Democrats get Congress and the Senate lose

It seems that the Republicans have gained control of the Senate after he won in Indiana and North Dakota, adding to this the empty chair in Tennessee. Democrats, in turn, got 17 Republican seats in Congress: this is a significant advantage and for the first time since 2010, when they will prevail in the House of representatives.

In total, the Democrats won, taking at least 26 places that needed just 23 victories. Now they have enough strength to resist the President Trump and support the investigation of intervention of Russia in election 2016, the taxes of the President and separation of families in the border of the United States.

What to expect

The democratic party will hardly be able to impose on the Senate, its agenda and expect that it will endorse the President, but will be able to block the initiatives of trump — and certainly does not allocate funding for the wall, even if Senate Republicans decide to press it.

Midterm elections | Democrats get Congress and the Senate lose
shutterstock. Alexander Ocasio-Cortez
What will be remembered in this election

  • At the moment the victory was won by 115 women from running for 277. This is more than last year, and although 26 participants the results are still unknown, women have already received 9 governors 11 seats in the Senate and 95 in the Congress.
  • In the House of representatives elected the first Congresswoman-Muslim (Rashid Tlaib, Democrat) and the youngest Congresswoman in history (Alexander Ocasio-Cortez, a Democrat).
  • Jared Polis (Democrat) is the first openly gay, won the Governor’s race. He won in Colorado.
  • Deb Haaland (D) became the first native American in the House of representatives. From Kansas in Congress passed Sharice Davids (Democrat) — first native American, a lesbian, received the chair.

Midterm elections | Democrats get Congress and the Senate lose
Who won in new York

One seat in the U.S. Senate for the democratic candidate — Kirsten Gillibrandscored 66% of the vote. Her opponent in this election was the Brow Farley.

The gubernatorial race was again won by Andrew Cuomo (D), defeating Marcus Molinaro from Republicans.

For Congress in new York voted for 27. Although not all the votes are counted, it can be argued that most state representatives will be members of the democratic party.

At the moment, the Republicans won in districts 5, pereizobrevshi existing congressmen. Most likely, the party will get the 6th place in the 27 district, where incumbent Congressman Chris Collins continues to lead in the race for the post. Other seats for Democrats.

In the 11th district, the only Republican among the congressmen from new York city, Dan Donovan, lost military veteran max rose (D).