Trump suggested the Democratic party cooperation and supported its Declaration… threats

In the United States of America are actively discussing the results of the midterm elections, pereraspredelyatsya political balance across the country. The Democrats managed to take control of the House of representatives of Congress, while Republicans strengthened their positions in the Senate.

As expected, each of the parties believes that the election victory was behind them. President Donald trump, commenting on the election results, said that November 6 — «the big day» for Republicans. According to the American leader, control of the Senate and a significant advantage in terms of the Governor’s position shows a correct political course of his party.

Trump suggested the Democratic party cooperation and supported its Declaration… threats

However, many experts believe that the President of the United States exaggerates the «victory». Undoubtedly, the success of the party of trump talking about is still high sympathetic to the Republicans, but the loss of the house of representatives actually ties the hands of the team at the White house.

The democratic party has at its disposal a powerful tool that allows you to block the President’s initiatives. This means that progress in the construction of the border wall and the reform of immigration laws should not be expected. However, competitors can find common ground in areas such as health, social programs, environment and critical infrastructure.

Donald trump, talking about the last election, expressed willingness to cooperate with political competitors. The us leader said about the need to unite the efforts of the two parties, but immediately after Democrats threatened serious consequences, if they are the initiators of the new investigation against the President of the United States.

«They can play this game, but we can play better,» said trump.

Most political experts agree that in the next two years the us President will face serious difficulties. Implementation of legislative projects, which are for Donald trump priority, is not possible. In such circumstances, we should expect further escalation of political confrontation.


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