Border crisis: closed checkpoint «San Isidro», the crowd was tear gas

The situation on the border with Mexico continues to deteriorate. The U.S. law enforcement, who are trying to prevent penetration into the territory of illegal immigrants, closed the checkpoint «San Isidro», located between San Diego and Tijuana.

Hundreds try to storm the border. Expect significant US response #tijuana

— emma murphy (@emmamurphyitv) November 25, 2018

In addition, Border patrol (United States Border Patrol — USBP), reinforced by officers from the customs and border protection (U. S. Customs and Border Protection — CBP), were forced to use tear gas to disperse people trying to overcome the last obstacle on the way to the American territories. It happened at about 15:30 local time.

In the crowd, in addition to the members of the caravan of migrants was also attended by a large number of protesters, members of human rights organizations. They demanded that the U.S. government abandoned the policy of «zero tolerance» initiated by President Donald trump. People claiming to be from the effect of tear gas affected a large number of women and children.

The border crossing «San Isidro» was closed as soon as the first caravan of migrants is very close to the US border. In Tijuana, is currently more than 5 thousand people. They all intend to get in United States of America. However, Donald trump has said that the country will be only those «whose applications will be reviewed and approved by the court in individual cases.»

The President also noted: any attempt of illegal crossing of the border will be severely suppressed and, if necessary, the checkpoint «San Isidro» will close. As expected, within a short period of time the situation worsened and the US government fulfilled this promise by the President. When the border crossing will reopen is still unknown.

Using «San Isidro» daily cross the border more than 70 thousand vehicles and about 20 thousand people are treated in paragraph Hiking pass. Now everything is forced to wait when the situation stabiliziruemost.

In the Mexican city of Tijuana, authorities have already declared a humanitarian crisis. The local mayor said that because of the huge influx of immigrants, the city is literally paralyzed. The case went to appeal in the UN. Mexican authorities hope that the international community will extend all possible support to the country.


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