The youngest Congresswoman was criticized for comparing a «caravan» of migrants to the Jews who escaped from the Nazis

The youngest woman in Congress and Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has compared migrants from Central America with a Jewish family who fled Nazi Germany.

Last weekend Border guard service (U.S. Border Patrol — USBP) and customs and border protection (U. S. Customs and Border Protection — CBP) released tear gas against hundreds of migrants who tried to break through the Mexican police, and some even take the barrier by storm. Ocasio-Cortez compared the people of «caravan» with those who have fled their countries during war or genocide.

«Ask for refugee status and request status is not a crime. This was not the case with Jewish families, fleeing from Germany, — wrote the 29-year-old newly elected Congresswoman on Twitter under a picture of a mother and her small children flee from tear gas. — This was not and with communities fleeing war-torn Syria. This should not be for those who are fleeing from violence in Central America».

To this statement many, including colleagues in Congress, have been critical and some very negatively. Senator Lindsey Graham (SC), which is considered one of the most influential politicians in the Parliament of the United States, criticized Ocasio-Cortez in her words.

«I recommend her to go on a tour of the Holocaust Museum in Washington, said Graham. — This will help her better understand the differences between the Holocaust and the caravan in Tijuana».

Yesterday, 26 November, trump urged the Mexican government to return migrants, many of whom, in the opinion of the President, are criminals «back to their country.»

«Do it on the plane, do it on the bus, do it as you want, but they wouldn’t come to the United States. If necessary, we will close the border forever. Congress, Finance initial wall!», — he wrote in his microblog.

We will remind, the majority of migrants come from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, where it thrives violence, unemployment, and rampant gangs.