Coffee more expensive in the US in 2019

Stock analysts forecast that in 2019, the growth in the prices of coffee. According to their forecasts, futures can reach to $1.24 per pound against the current of $1.15. Over time, this will lead to higher retail coffee prices in shops and higher prices in the cafe.

Coffee more expensive in the US in 2019

Rodrigo Costa, Director of coffee Brazilian trading company Comexim, shared with Bloomberg observation that the abnormally low prices for grain and coffee in the expiring 2018 has forced many manufacturers to reconsider its policy on the expansion of exports. However, coffee consumption is growing and selling the company invested in sales and advertising. Coca-Cola Co invested $5 billion to get into the Java space. Nestle SA paid $7,15 billion for the right to sell at Starbucks.

Commercial Director at Cooxupe Lucio Dias said that «it is impossible that everything in the chain has won at the same time». And it may happen that often happens when growing demand is faced with a reduction in supply — prices rise.

Other people: *tired*
Other people: *drink coffee*
Other people: *refreshed, have a burst of energy, feelin great*

Me: *tired*
Me: *drinks coffee*
Me: *still tired, but faster*

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With projected growth of demand for 3.6 million bags compared to 2015, a Bloomberg survey exchange experts give a forecast of prices on futures of $1.24 per pound against the current of $1.15.

Coffee lovers are advised to make haste to enjoy even a Cup, as long as prices remain at abnormally low levels. In 2018, the coffee cost at the level of 2006. The price reduction was determined by devolvatsiya currencies in Latin and South America and the invasion of the Vietnamese market manufacturers. These factors in effect in 2019, so we can hope that the price will be highs and there will be growth in the same 20% that price has fallen in recent years. But the prospect of a rise in price for 10% is quite real.

Cumbrian coffee company wins national food & drink award

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