In Moscow on suspicion of espionage arrested a US citizen

The Federal security service of Russia today, December, 31, announced the arrest in Moscow of an American on suspicion of spying.

«December 28, 2018 in Moscow officers of the Federal security service of the Russian Federation when holding spy shares detained a US citizen Paul Whelan. The investigative Department of the FSB of Russia concerning a United States citizen a criminal case under article 276 of the criminal code. Are necessary investigative actions», — reads the statement of the press service of the FSB.

Espionage in Russia provides imprisonment for the term up to 20 years.

The U.S. Department of state stated that he «knows about the arrest of U.S. citizen by the Russian authorities» and received official notification from the Russian foreign Ministry. In the state Department insist on the meeting of the American Consul.

«Russia’s obligations under the Vienna Convention require them to provide conversation with the Consul. We have requested it and expect the Russian authorities reaction,» — noted in the state Department.

The state Department has not yet confirmed the name of the detainee, an American, and did not provide any additional information on the case, citing «privacy concerns,» the Associated Press reports.