The first order of Gavin Newsom as Governor: more affordable medical insurance and assistance for young immigrants

January 7, took place the inauguration of the new Governor the California Gavin Newsom. In his speech Newsom raised the question of the reform of health insurance and amending the Affordable Care Act., and also promised that the state «will become a refuge for all who need it».

During the election campaign of the future Governor promised to provide health insurance to all residents. According to Newsom, he plans to spend $500 million on subsidies for 1.1 million families who already receive them according to the ACA, and to provide assistance to approximately 250 thousand persons, whose income exceeds specified in the act level.

The Governor also is concerned about the situation of immigrants. Those illegals who lack insurance are not eligible for medical and private insurance subsidies. Now medical is only available to undocumented immigrants under the age of 19 years. Newsom has proposed to increase this figure to 26 years and to cover insurance for 138 thousand young people. It will take about $260 million.

By another decree of the new Governor was the purchase of drugs in bulk for all 13 million people participating in the medical program. According to Newsom, this will give the state an opportunity to engage with suppliers to negotiate lower prices for drugs.

On the day of the inauguration of the Governor-a Democrat sent to Donald Trump and the leadership of Congress a letter asking that the government «has made it possible for such States as California, to develop and implement truly innovative solutions for affordable health care.»

I am signing this letter to Congress and the WH asking that states like California be empowered to truly innovate and transform our healthcare systems: to develop a single-payer health system to achieve universal coverage, contain costs, and promote quality and affordability.

— Gavin Newsom (@GavinNewsom) January 8, 2019