Yes, next to the 9/11 memorial — a giant candy with Saudi symbolism. But it is not what you think.

The media and new Yorkers discovered that the site of the destroyed world trade center, a few steps from the 9/11 memorial at the «point 0» is a giant green candy with a caption in Arabic «No God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet» and the image of the sword.

#911papers this is absolutely disgusting. Ground Zero has a sculpture celebrating Saudi Arabia? How is this even remotely possible. The Mayor of NYC (Democrat) @BilldeBlasio has some of explaining to do. #911papers has many clues — #DeepStateExposed

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Many of the media, particularly the right, have called it a blasphemy. This really can seem quite ambiguous, however, is not so simple.

Candy height more than 4 meters has been there for a week — together with other 19 th, wrapped in the flags of different countries. All together they represent part of the G-20 summit, involving Saudi Arabia. Candy green with Arabic script symbolises the Saudi Kingdom, and not what everyone thought. Although, if you remember, proven of the 19 hijackers who rammed the twin towers, 15 were Saudi nationals.

Port Authority, is in charge of this area, seeing articles in Newspapers and angry posts on social networks, recalled its official release published before the opening of the sculpture. It says that «in its continued efforts to transform the site of the world trade center in a dynamic space in Lower Manhattan, the administration of the <…> will show the famous lollipops <…>, created by the famous French artist Laurence Jenkell.

Candy Nations exhibition by Laurence Jenkell in New York Garment District until the end of the year. #candyart #jenkell #newyork #garmentdistrict #artist #usa #artexhibition #laurencejenkell #have #candynations

— Laurence Jenkell (@LJenkell) October 30, 2018

The exhibition, known as the «Candy Nations», will present unique candies, located in different places across the site, including One World Observatory / West Plaza, Liberty Park, Oculus Plaza, West Tower 2 Concourse and Plaza. Each sculpture has the flags of the countries at the G-20 summit, and the artwork was commissioned by companies and organisations, including the Fund Chanel, the international Olympic Committee and Coca-Cola».

Of course, there is candy wrapped in the flag of the United States.

Earlier the sculpture was shown in 25 countries around the world and never got into trouble. According to the organizers, the candy should stand their ground on Manhattan until February 28. Interested have already found there and the Russian, but he seemed somehow twisted.

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