Kamala Harris is preparing to launch presidential campaign in 2020

Senator Kamala Harris decided to run for President in 2020. About his candidacy she plans to announce closer to the Day of Martin Luther king. KCBS Radio reports that, most likely, it will happen at a campaign rally in Oakland.

54-year-old Harris this past week were featured in several television talk shows and spoke at several events in the framework of a short tour promoting his new book «Truths we hold: the journey to America».

All the while, it kept asking whether to run for President. What Harris just said I wasn’t ready to answer, citing the fact that she needs to discuss it with the family.

But according to KCBS Radio, several sources knowledgeable about the plans confirmed that she definitely decided to participate in the presidential race, and the husband supports her in this decision.

However, the question arises, how and where it will begin the election campaign. While the plan that Harris will nominate a candidate from the Democratic party, most likely in Auckland, where she was born and began his legal career. And the most likely time of entry of Kamala in the presidential race is considered a festive Day weekend Martin Luther king, which is celebrated on January 21.

Harris supporters don’t want her associated with San Francisco, where he worked as a district attorney.

«San Francisco is considered to be an absolutely crazy place for people outside of California, and to be honest, for many people in California,» said a Democrat and a Professor of election law Darry Sragow.

Berkeley, where Kamala was growing up to his parents ‘ divorce and moving with his mother and sister in Montreal (Canada), also rejected, as it did not match the image that are looking for advisors Harris.

Thus, there is Oakland, where Kamala was born and where she returned after law school to become a Deputy district attorney of Alameda County. Auckland is a pretty cosmopolitan place. In addition, it will emphasize their roots and to be associated with vigor and creativity of the city.

Sources warn that the location and time of the beginning of her campaign can still change.