Democrats can eliminate the constituency Ocasio-Cortez

For census 2020, all States will amend the maps of electoral districts in accordance with the actually residing population. New York is no exception, cut the border districts there will be non-partisan Commission formed on the basis of the constitutional amendments 2014. A Committee of ten persons will include persons appointed by the Senate and the state Assembly.

Democrats can eliminate the constituency Ocasio-Cortez

Perhaps unexpectedly, but that Democrats made a proposal to expand other area due to parts of the Bronx, sacrificing for that district, from whom he received the office in the Congress is the youngest female Congresswoman in U.S. history. Perhaps this choice is not accidental, since earlier, the new York Democrats already had ideas about the nomination of another candidate from this district. Maybe the democratic establishment managed to be disappointed in a 29-year-old progressiste and looking for options, how to get rid of it?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in an interview with The Intercept have already discussed the likelihood of his repetition of the career of a member of the house of representatives of North Carolina brad Miller, who lost the seat due to the redistribution of districts in 2012. Brad Miller is confident that his district was voided because of it, Miller, active in the financial services Committee of the chamber, causing irritation in the banking sector.

«They divided my district into six areas, and there was not one part that was really recognizable old,» says brad Miller, who decided then to not even try to get re-elected in a foreign land.

However, Miller is not sure Ocasio-Cortez has no chance to escape from possible traps. According to experienced brad, he was annoying «mid-size» for their party bosses. Ocasio-Cortez has the potential to become chefs for their irritation on a national scale. Then she as a politician of the Federal level having its own support, will be able to challenge the opponents and to stand for election in any district. The degree of binding to the voters of the Bronx not so much defining how, for example, Miller in North Carolina.

Ocasio-Cortez in response to this idea suggested that her attempt to run in other districts might scare candidates of the same party, which in this case, losing the place. «Maybe some people don’t want trouble for myself and yet another rewrite of the district» — has expressed hope of the beloved Bronx. But the Democrats, however, remains the ability to «throw» the rebel Congresswoman on the red Republican territory without a return ticket.

Summing up, the participants of the conversation, without insisting on the inevitability of losing seats Ocasio-Cortez, however, agreed that new York is likely in the future will lose one representative in Congress. The population of new York is growing at a steady rate but in other parts of the U.S. it grows faster and the new York politicians on the Hill have to make room.