Senator Elizabeth Warren: trump «may not even be a free man» by 2020

Senator Elizabeth Warren represents Massachusetts, and candidate for the presidential elections in 2020, said that President Donald trump may not even be released in 2020, assuming that the President can land you in jail as a result of investigation of his campaign and Russia.

«Every day there is a racist tweet hateful tweet something really dark and ugly — Warren said at a speech in cedar rapids (ia). — What we, as candidates, as activists press going to do about it? We’ll be seeing them every day?»

During his opening speech Warren, a champion of consumer rights and former Professor of the law school of Harvard University, called trump’s part of the «rigged system that supports the rich and powerful, and it’s hurting everyone else».

In response, the President dedicated the Warren tweet, which ridiculed the policy.

«Today, Elizabeth Warren, sometimes I call Pocahontas, joined the presidential race — wrote trump. — Will it run as our first presidential candidate of native Americans, or she decided that after 32 years it’s not so good?»

According to a study by CNN, Des Moines Register and Mediacom, Warren support 8% of voters. She concedes to Beto O’rourke (11%), Bernie Sanders (19%) and absolute leader of the vote — the former Vice-President of the United States Joe Biden (32%).