Parents Otto Warmbier condemned trump and insist that Kim Jong UN is responsible for the death of their son

Today, March 1, the family of Otto Warmbier condemned President trump for what he believed in and supported the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-UN.

Yesterday, Donald trump said that he believes the President of the DPRK, who said he did not know about the torture of an American student during his detention.

«He tells me that he did not know about it, and I take his word for it,» said trump.

But Fred and Cindy Warmbier in a statement provided to CNN, expressed his point of view on this matter.

«We are respectful of this summit. We must now speak. Kim and his evil regime responsible for the death of our son, Otto, for the unimaginable cruelty and inhumanity. No excuses can change that,» said the parents of the deceased.

In 2017, when Otto Warmbier died a few days after returning to the U.S. from North Korea, the President condemned the North Korean regime.

«You are the witnesses of the danger that threatens the world, your strength inspires all of us, — said trump, referring to the parents of Warmbir during his traditional report «On the situation of the country» in 2018. Tonight we promise to honor the memory of Otto».

Many public figures and journalists were also outraged by the change of the rhetoric of the American leader. They are surprised how trump could believe in the word man, which North Korean state media is even credited with control over the weather.

In 2018, the U.S. Supreme court ruled that the parents of Warmbir must obtain from the North Korean government compensation in the amount of more than $ 500 million.