Hillary Clinton will not run for 2020, but said that is not going anywhere

Former first lady, Secretary of state and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has officially declared that does not intend to run for the presidency in 2020, warned that is not going anywhere.

«I’m not running, but I will continue to work, speak and stand up for what I believe, Clinton said News 12 Westchester. — I want to be sure that people understand that I will continue to speak. I’m not going anywhere».

At the end of January, three sources told CNN that Clinton does not exclude the possibility to take part in the presidential election of 2020. This happened after the announcement of the charges brought by special Prosecutor Robert Mueller the former trump Advisor Roger stone, who is investigating Russia’s intervention in the elections of 2016 and the relationship of the President with Moscow.

At that time, a close friend of Clinton said that it will still be a big surprise if a politician decides to participate in the election of 2020.

When asked whether she would again run for Governor, mayor or qualify for any other elective office, Clinton told News 12: «I don’t think so,» adding that she loves living in new York and grateful for the time she spent as a Senator of this state.

«I am delighted by the exciting, dynamic women who were elected to Congress, Clinton said. Many of them told me… my job, my, my fight for the presidency was an influence on their decision to run.»

Former Secretary of state said that what is happening now in the United States, is a cause for deep concern. According to Clinton, «we still have a long way to go in respect of women’s rights, gay rights, to ensure that everyone has the same opportunities for respect.»