Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defended his colleague Ilhan Omar, which was accused of anti-Semitism

Yesterday, March 4, a member of the house of representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez once again defended the Congresswoman from Minnesota Ilhan Omar after her comments about Israel that many, including fellow Democrats, have called anti-Semitic.

In February, the first in the history of the USA the legislator-a Muslim, a native of Somalia, Ilhan Omar was at the center of the scandal, once said that Israel is the occupier of Palestinian territories. Then she apologized for saying that, adding that analyzed the criticism.

This weekend Omar has made several statements that many newly-called anti-Semitic. According to Congresswoman, American politicians are forced to give the «pledge of allegiance» to the Israeli leaders.

«To speak out against Netanyahu and ocupatii is not the same as being an anti-Semite. — the politician wrote on Twitter in response to criticism. — Thanks to like-minded Jews who think so too, and wasn’t afraid to speak».

Tomorrow, March 6, Democrats want to introduce a Resolution condemning the position of Omar.

«A concern that a member of the house of representatives Omar continues to perpetuate anti-Semitic stereotypes that distort our Jewish community,» wrote Twitter member of the house of representatives, Democrat from California Juan Vargas. «Israel is and remains a staunch ally of the United States because of shared interests and values of our countries. I condemn her comments and think she needs to apologize for his offensive comments.»

But not all of us have turned away from the representatives of the 5th district of Minnesota. For example, another young Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez supported it.

«Many members of the Democratic party argue that the discussion + debate on this issue is fair and worthy of attention, — the politician noted. — This position is a retreat from that?»

Cortez repeatedly defended Omar in recent weeks: she criticized President trump when he called for the resignation policy of a beginner, despite her apology.

«Unlike this President, member of the house of representatives Ilhan Omar has demonstrated the ability to apologize, to use this opportunity to learn the history of anti-Semitism + with its help grow and clarify its position,» wrote cortés.