Does Cuomo to run for President of the United States? Looks like

The Governor of new York, Democrat Andrew Cuomo in an extensive interview for the Atlantic ambiguously answered the question about the possibility of his participation in the presidential election of 2020. At first, he traditionally told the reporter that he would support Joe Biden. However, the nomination of the former Vice President is still in question and may never happen. Finally, a direct question of the correspondent, what will Cuomo if Biden will not be nominated, the Governor of new York said, «Call me back» and held out his hand to finish the conversation.

Does Cuomo to run for President of the United States? Looks likeAndrew Cuomo may join the presidential race in 2020.

Of course, these two words themselves may not mean anything serious if it is not itself a five-hour interview with The Atlantic, very similar to the familiarity of the reader with the future candidate. Lists the many achievements of the Governor, confidently managing such a complex state like new York: the minimum wage of $15 to the legalization of same-sex families.

«I know how to do what everyone says. They are all talking about how to fly a plane. None of them flew, says Cuomo. I know how to do affordable housing. I know how to provide jobs for the middle class. I know how to build infrastructure.»

I remembered the difficulties such as the notorious new York subway and the whole work of the ITA. However came to the conclusion that the Governor managed to find a balanced and strategic approach to this topic — the restructuring and comprehensive analysis of the Agency’s work. Not to speak about the situation around Amazon — maybe not all over or just have nothing to say.

In an interview, noted that Cuomo was one of the first openly and consistently fight with trump while stating how he is critical of «too far left» members of the democratic party. Perhaps better it all will be able to face Trump in the election-2020 — asks the journalist. Sam Cuomo believes that trump is not so strong: «He’s scared investigations that surround it, and many of his patrons have lost faith in him.»