Lavrov promised Moscow to the students of the imminent collapse of the United States. Pompeo glad that South America didn’t buy the Russian techniques

The foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov during the meeting with students and faculty of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian foreign Ministry made this Friday a statement, describing his vision of international relations. Of course, according to the Russian diplomat, the main problem in the world is USA, but all countries will soon turn away from them.

Sergei Lavrov noted that «multipolarity, the emergence of new centers of power to maintain stability in the world require a search for balance of interests and compromises. Unfortunately, our Western partners headed by the United States do not want to agree on common approaches to solving problems. Washington and its allies try to impose their own approaches. Their behavior is an obvious desire to preserve the centuries-old dominance in world Affairs contrary to the objective tendencies of the formation of a polycentric world order. Moreover, in order to artificially keep their dominance, to regain the unquestioned position in the course are a variety of methods of blackmail, power, economic and informational pressure. They don’t stop to direct and flagrant interference in the internal Affairs of sovereign States – what is happening with Venezuela».

Lavrov promised Moscow to the students of the imminent collapse of the United States. Pompeo glad that South America didn’t buy the Russian

Lavrov also shared his opinion that the economic power of the United States and its allies dries up, and promised the students that soon most of the world will get rid of their «diktat». Accusations against Russia for aggression against Ukraine, attempts to dictate terms to the neighbors and the constant anti-American TV propaganda, Lavrov called deliberate «demonization» of Russia.

He did not pay attention to the state of the Russian economy and development of trade relations of Russia with other countries. However, later during a speech at the Council on foreign and defense policy, he spoke about the enormous reduction in trade with the European Union. Trade with the EU, which was previously a major trade and technology partner of the Russian Federation for many years, this year passed the psychological barrier of negative and gave the total volume of trade with China and CIS countries. The share of trade with Europe amounted only to 42.7% of the total foreign trade turnover of Russia. As noted by RIA Novosti, in General, estimated losses of Russia from sanctions of foreign States in 2018 amounted to $6.3 billion

Responded to Lavrov’s statement, Secretary Kerry Pompeo

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, yesterday, during a trip in Chile, raised the subject of Russia, addressing the politics of Latin America: «the Problem is that when China and Russia do business in places like Latin America, they are ruining the economy, spreading corruption. We know that they will use the debt trap, to ignore the rules and spread the riots. Fortunately, you, South America, didn’t buy it. You should know that the United States will support you.»

Pompeo amenaza con tomar medidas si Chile no veta a Huawei

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April 14, Pompeo plans to visit the camp of the humanitarian community in Cucuta (Colombia) to communicate with those who supports Venezuelan refugees, and to assess the problems associated with closed-Venezuelan border. He said that Venezuela and all Latin Americans should be concerned about the actions of Moscow.

«The arrival of the military and opening a helicopter training center in Venezuela — a clear provocation. Russia is exacerbating the already very dangerous situation in this country,» said Pompeo.

Russian Training helicopter center was opened in Venezuela on March 29. According to the report of the state Corporation rostec, there will be training pilots and maintenance personnel, including combat helicopter gunships Mi-35 (export brand Mi-24) and transport-combat Mi-17 (export brand Mi-8).