«The trump is like a cancer in the presidency» Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and George Conway demanding the impeachment of trump

After Thursday, April 18, was released the long awaited report of spectracolor Robert Mueller about Russian interference in the presidential elections in 2016 and the possible collusion between the campaign team of trump and Kremlin officials, husband, White house adviser Kellyann Conway, George Conway , and a member of the house of representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has supported the beginning of procedure of impeachment against President Donald trump.

According to the report, Mueller has not been established that the election team trump have entered into an agreement with Russian officials to influence the election. Although the investigation of spectracolor does not determine, let the President justice, Muller came to the conclusion that trump could not»largely» to do it, because his aides refused to «follow orders».

After the publication of the report Ocasio-Cortez promised to sign a resolution to her colleagues-Democrat rasida tlaib the urging of the judicial Committee of the house to investigate to find out, did trump a criminal offense, give rise to an impeachment.

«The Mueller report clearly indicates the responsibility of Congress for investigating barriers to justice on the part of the President — wrote Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter. — It is our job, as stated in article 1, section 2, article 5 of the Constitution of the United States. So I’m going to sign a resolution of impeachment rasida Tlaib».

At the moment the hashtag #ImpeachTrump is trending in the vast Twitter.

When Tlaib introduced a resolution last month, it announced that it intends to make «we didn’t have a society of lawlessness that would have caused irreparable harm to the American people.»

Conway expressed similar thoughts in a Thursday newspaper «Washington Post», where he called the Mueller report «disastrous», compared with trump’s «cancer in the presidency» and urged Congress to remove him from office on the basis of the findings of the investigation Muller.

«Congress now has the constitutional duty without delay to remove this cancer,» added Conway.

However, Democrats still disagree on whether to start impeachment proceedings. After watching the Mueller report, the majority leader in the House of representatives Steni Hoyer told Dana bash of CNN that he did not believe that it is worth impeachment.